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Other Projects

Project Floor Parking
Employer Nurol A.Ş.
Task Turnkey
Location Bahçeşehir / İstanbul
Construction Zone 22.000 m2
Starting Date 1993
End Date 1993
Project Cold Storage
Employer Merkez Food A.Ş.
Task Turnkey
Location Pendik / İstanbul
Construction Zone 11.000 m2
Starting Date 2001
End Date 2001
Project Exhibition Hall and Hotel
Employer Torunlar Gıda A.Ş.
Task Rough Construction
Location Büyükçekmece / İstanbul
Construction Zone 55.000 m2
Starting Date 2009
End Date 2010
Proje Project
Employer S.S. Oto Tamir Yapı Koop.
Task Turnkey
Location İkitelli / İstanbul
Construction Zone 12.000 m2
Starting Date 1998
End Date 1999
Project Pool and Social Facilities
Employer Directorate of Forestry Operations
Task Turnkey
Location Büyükada / İstanbul
Construction Zone 3.000 m2
Starting Date 1987
End Date 1987
Project Guesthouse
Employer Directorate of Forestry Operations
Task Turnkey
Location Maslak / İstanbul
Construction Zone 1.500 m2
Starting Date 1988
End Date 1989
Project Chocolate Factory
Employer Ülker
Task Turnkey
Location Topkapı / İstanbul
Construction Zone 28.000 m2
Starting Date 2006
End Date 2007